Fraudulent postcards mailed to you claiming to notify you of an address change to your account/card. They ask YOU to call THEM if you DID NOT request the change. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER OR GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Welcome to the Minerva Area Federal Credit Union

"We're your helping hand."

The Minerva Area Federal Credit Union (MAFCU) is likely the best-kept secret in Minerva, even though we have proudly served the Minerva area community for over 43 years! MAFCU is like a bank, only better. We offer most of the same deposit & lending services as the big banks. However, as a non-profit cooperative, our focus is on helping our members, not on making a profit for shareholders. We're "your helping hand" or "your pit crew" when it comes to your financial matters, including helping you to re-build your credit.

At the Minerva Area Federal Credit Union, our mission is to help our members to save their hard-earned money and to work with them to obtain the loans they need. At our credit union, we focus on helping our members make informed financial decisions. Financial education is very important to us. It is our focus. We are very proud of our reputation for helping hard-working people build (and re-build) solid credit scores. We specialize in helping 'regular' people understand and organize their financial lives

Minerva Area Federal Credit UnionAnd your deposits are safe with us! As a Federally Chartered credit union, our members' deposits are insured by the NCUSIF up to at least $250,000. (NCUSIF is backed by the full faith & credit of the United States Government.) We typically offer higher rates than the local banks too... just another benefit of being a member!

We are located at 3570 Union Ave SE in Minerva, directly in front of Minerva True Value on Route #183.   Stop by and see us today. We'd love the opportunity to earn your business and become your Financial BFF!

Very truly yours,

Jane Yankovich, CEO/Manager